Binary Calculator

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Joining Amount :
Product Amount :
Direct Income :
Level :
First Pair Ratio: First Pair Rate:
Second Pair To Last Pair Ratio : Second Pair To Last Pair Rate :
Capping ( Pair ) :
Total Joining  :
Total join In Level  :
Total Company Income  :
Total Pair Of Top Id  :
Total Income Of Top ID  :
Laps Pair Of Top Id  :
Laps Income Of Top Id  :
Income Credit To Top Id  :
Total Pair Match In System  :
Total Pair Mach By First Ratio  :
Total Pair Mach By Second Ratio  :
Total Payout By First Pair Rate  :
Total Payout By Second Pair Rate  :
Total Payout Genrate by Company  :
Total in Company  :
Total Direct Amout Paid By Company  :
Total Product cost Paid By Company  :
Total Carry Farword in System  :
Total Laps Pair In System  :
Total Laps Pair Income In System  :